Earlier last month I had the most exciting day attending the  #FASHIONTECH BERLIN conference and exhibition. The event is Berlin Fashion Week’s platform for the innovative thinkers of the tech and fashion industries to come together and share their ideas and visions for the future.


In a world that’s constantly changing, I love to be aware of what’s happening around me. #FASHIONTECH BERLIN was the perfect place to keep up to date with all the exciting developments in the fashion and tech world, which is dynamic and growing all the time. With interesting panel discussions, product presentations and workshops, there was a lot to discover! These are my 5 personal highlights from the event:


  1. 360Fashion Network’s New Charging Wallet

Anina Net is the founder of 360Fashion Network, which works to “bridge the gap between fashion and technology”. Anina showed me her latest and greatest invention: a fully-integrated wallet that uses either a universal cable or Wifi to charge your phone on the go. This tech-savvy accessory takes the term “fashion-forward” to another level!


  1. Telekom and Lufthansa’s Collaboration for the next Fashion Fusion Challenge

The Fashion Fusion competition is all about integrating the science of technology and the creativity of fashion to create pieces that are fit for this day and age – stylish, sustainable and smart! I was really excited to hear at the event that Lufthansa would be partnering up with Deutsche Telekom as sponsors for this year’s competition. The “Telekom Fashion Fusion & Lufthansa FlyingLab” challenges participants to create designs that are not just digitally innovative, but also useful for the airline’s passengers and crews.

  1. Jasna Rok Universe

Jasna Rokengem is a designer whose company works with cutting-edge technology like virtual reality to create innovative fashion designs. Jasna talked to me about smart textiles and showed me the very special dress that she was wearing made using her company’s own high-tech methods. Imagine using VR to design your very own dress and having it printed and ready to wear in just a few minutes!

In the Video you see my view i had during trying her VR Glasses and designing a dress:


#FashionTech Berlin

Here you see Anina Net and Jasna Rok taking a selfie


  1. Having a chat with Antje Hundhausen’s about the next Fashion Fusion Challenge

As Vice President Experience at Deutsche Telekom, Antje Hundhausen had some really great advice and tips for those entering the upcoming competition.


  1. Chatting to Thomas Johann Lorenz, the director of Business Development, Digital & Marketing at Premium

According to this expert, being successful in the fashion industry depends on keeping an eye on what’s happening in the tech and innovation industries. No matter where you fit in the fashion world – whether you’re a designer, writer, model or brand owner – the most important thing is to stay updated because everything is always changing, especially in the digital world. Make sure you don’t get left behind!


More info about the Fashion Fuison award you get here

Photo Credit by Ray Van De bas